It has been the most difficult summer of my life. There has been so much internal struggles occurring. I have disconnected from amazing humans, I have treated my body unfair, and not been serving others. Summertime is normally my preferred time of year. I live for scorching hot days and extended free time. Miguel and I are finishing our second round in New York with summer sales. We have been blessed with work, friends, growth, and could not be more grateful. For months I have been thinking that there seriously must be something wrong with me. I looked at my life and thought, I have a job that allows me to travel, I have the opportunity to continue my education, have the biggest supporter as a spouse, and also have a myriad of friends and family who care; there should be NO reason why I feel so low on the daily. Miguel and I have centered these past few weeks on our family’s purposes. We have a list of small and large goals we hope to accomplish and they all bring us happiness. He showed me a short video that has changed my life, “Alan Watts, What If Money Were No Object?” (watch video here). This sounds so cheesy but I ask myself everyday, “What do I desire?”. I know I am young and I shouldn’t get caught up in age but one of my biggest fears is waking up in 20-30 years and realizing I spent my younger years not creating my empire. By empire I do not mean fat stacks of money and a long list of places traveled. I mean what genuinely makes me happy as a unique individual. When I was in high school I would google “Jobs that make the most money” or “how much does (insert job) make”. It seems so ridiculous I based off what I was going to do the rest of my life on money. I promise there are great things coming from me. Here is to re-branding myself and building my empire, XO.


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