One Year of Marriage 

I cannot believe it’s been a whole year since my wedding day. It’s been a journey getting to know my best friend better each day. On our wedding day many small details went wrong (like in every event) but it was the best day of our lives. This sounds bad but I didn’t have high expectations for my reception. I imagined myself being stressed all day. It was not like that at all. Our biggest desire was to dance the night away. That’s exactly what we did. Miguel and I did not leave the dance floor from 8pm-12am. When planning a wedding don’t forget to make time for yourself. 

Shortly after we got married we headed off to New York for the summer for our jobs. Since September we have been living in Idaho and will head out back east next month.  I highly recommend to newly weds, move away from family. This is coming from a couple who adores their siblings and parents. The reason I say this is it gives you space to grow and to become emotionally dependent on each other. I hate not being able to be close to family but residing in a different state reminds me of my goals and the importance of my relationship with my husband. 

The highlights of my first year of marriage includes getting to road trip cross country with him. I grew to love him so much on that trip. He drove 90% of the time while I slept a lotttttt. I will never forget the overwhelming fear that entered our souls once we arrived to New York. We later discovered we were both putting on fake happy faces to comfort each other but our mutual feeling was “what did we do….”. Going out to New York for the summer was a life lesson for me. If it doesn’t scare us, it will not make us grow. I also enjoyed exploring the city. We were about an hour away so we were there very often. The first night we got to meet Drake at a private party. That story is long and I will spare you the details. Skydiving in the Hamptons is an experience that still makes my heart race whenever I think about it. If you’ve ever thought about skydiving, DO IT! Earlier this year we were blessed to attend a cruise with our company. The only other foreign country we have been in is Mexico so getting to go to Belize was amazing. Cave tubing in the forest of Belize with friends was memorable. 

I often think about the future, I can’t wait until we graduate, I can’t wait until we’re closer to family, I can’t wait until we have grandchildren. This thinking makes forget about the wonderful years I’m experiencing. One day I’ll be reminiscing about the days when were broke college students living simply and happy. I am grateful for not my temporal but eternal marriage with my lover. The sacred covenants I made with my Heavenly Father and Miguel on March 19th, 2016 is something I do not take lightly and work hard every day to make sure I am doing my part. Hooray for love  and marriage!!!!❤️


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