Seasons Greetings 

It is definitely the most wonderful time of the year! Being a not-so-wealthy-newly-wed-college-student did not refrain me from spicing up my home with holiday cheer. All the decorations are a combination of yard sale finds, Dollar store items, DIY, and Etsy Shop purchases which I already had. I chose to have a Christ centered theme and hold off on all the glitter (for once in my life). I’m trying this holiday season to make even more of an effort to be Christ-like and find ways to serve others. Whether you’re a religious person or not I believe it’s the season for all of us to make an effort to give more than we usually do. Whether it’s befriending someone, volunteering, giving blood, baking someone a treat, donating money to a non-profit organization, or expressing our gratitude, I hope you find a way to get into the season of giving! I’m using the #LightTheWorld initiative this month. Here is the link. Use social media or just keep it to yourself but let’s spread cheer!

Bailar Y Cocinar sign in kitchen

Simply sign in window


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