“Less work, more play”

This blog post is dedicated to the workaholics and busy bees! I stumbled across a TED talk by Shonda Rhimes, which was just the pick me up I needed. I want to challenge those of you who are dedicating every part of yourself to everyday duties to SLOW DOWN. Yes, studying for that chem test is important, putting in those extra hours at work will make a difference, the laundry will most certainly not get done on its own, trust me I know. I am pondering upon all the amazing humans in my life and how much I have neglected them. It is so easy to get caught up in our own worlds but how sad is it when we use the excuse “I’ve been busy”. When have we started putting completing tasks before doing what makes our soul sing? Maybe I don’t have a daughter like Shonda Rhimes asking me to play with her but I do have loved ones who need me to show appreciation. I do have a list of crazy things I wish to accomplish. I’m not talking about having a Netflix marathon but enjoying those hobbies that actually enrich your mind or body. It’s the month of being thankful, Fall is the season of change, or maybe its just simply dang time to top being boring. Use whichever excuse you feel best but lets act. But then again Rhimes is only a world famous television producer, writer, and author, first African-American woman to create a Top 10 network series, and mom to three kids, who is she to know the secret to success?




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