“Love is meant to be an adventure”- Gordon B. Hinckley

I’m not a psych major or a weirdo but one of my little obsessions is analayzing other couples. It intrigues me what type of characters are attracted to each other and how they go about their daily lives with each other. I like to partake ideas as well; possibly for date nights or simply how I can be a better companion. I am aware that we are all totally different but it amazes me how much we can be of assistance to each other by simply sharing.

Lauren and Mason have been married for almost a year. Our process with getting engaged is a very similar story. I met Lauren when I was 16 through my cousin (shouties to Katia). I stayed a summer in California with family and got to interact with her a little. She is a super friendly and a fantastically unique individual. It doesn’t surprise me she married someone who possesses the same qualities. Lauren and Mason are very talented when it comes to making videos. These clips are hilarious and so fun to watch. I can’t imagine how much more fun they were to make. The best marriage advice I received from them is to never stop playing. They didn’t verbally give me this counsel but by photographing them and seeing them I was able to interpret this from their beautiful example.

love is meant to be an adventure


P.S. Mason’s stache is so cool













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