Loving and Trusting

I do belief in soul mates; I belief we have exceptional individuals in our life who we were predestined to meet. I do not believe fate plans for us to possess only one. Our attractions, talents, and personalities are what drive us to specific people. My favorite quote when it comes to relationships is by Thomas S. Monson, “Choose your love, love your choice.” It gives me the reminder that I myself chose my husband. No one forced me into a decision I didn’t feel comfortable with. I could have remained single, dated other men, travelled the world, remain at home forever, or whatever else. Although I did marry young it was not a decision I took lightly. “Love your choice” is the most crucial part to me. I have made it a personal investment to constantly serve my husband. I do this with charity everyday (not perfectly). It brings me joy because he shows me as well with his actions that his purpose is to serve me.

My biggest advice would be to simply love. Love your partner, and others in your life. Love until your heart can’t take it, and then love even more. I know most people have had treacherous experiences when it comes to placing trust in others. We’re humans and unfortunately we betray, lie, cheat, or have done worse. I think the worst mistake we can make is assuming we’ll be betrayed when we’re forming new relationships, Maya Angelou once said “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” If we close off our hearts, it is us who suffer the most.

“Choose your love, love your choice”

Stay happy ❤


Mary Claire Photography


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