80s Inspired

  I am not a fan of the fact that dressing up is only encouraged on October 31st. Like most girls I need constant change within my life to help me stay sane. This post is first of many; dedicated to spicing up our look without sticking out like a sore thumb. 
This hairstyle is so simple but adds personality. It’s an 80s side ponytail modernized. 

1. straighten your hair

2. Fold over a giant chunk of the top portion of your hair and tease the inside of it.


3. Grab all of your hair and position the ponytail to your liking, tie it.

4. Grab a small long portion and wrap it around the hair tie (it should be just enough to hide the hair tie once it’s wrapped)

5. Use a few bobby pins to secure the wrap

6. Tease the base of the ponytail

TIP: pull out the baby hairs 

Don’t forget the hairspray!



denim jacket from Target…. I actually ripped off the sleeves (so much cuter this way)

Lipstick is Matte Peony from Clinique



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