Sibling Love

As I was getting ready for church this morning I logged onto Facebook and saw a handful of posts regarding National Sibling Day. It made my heart so joyful to see others post about their family members. Whether it’s in person or over social media, gratitude is contagious.

I’ve been pondering about sibling relationships and the individuality within them. There is no other secure bond like this. Our brothers and sisters are the people we criticize with no filter but protect like no other. I can easily tell you the flaws my brothers and sister possess and complain about all the different ways they have menaced me. I also assure you that I can easily share the many details that make them amazing humans.VSCO Cam-1



Rocio: She is a ball of tenderness that doesn’t stop kissing. She is also an exceptional nurse when you’re sick.


Eduardo: My little brother is so attentive to others needs. It amazes me how well he cares for people in subtle ways. For a 17 year-old he manages his time well.


Tony: He is the reason I think of myself as a princess. He spoils the women in his life very much. All he does is give and expects nothing in return.




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