Heaven On Earth

I am getting married in less than a month. Many thoughts are racing through my head; what has been on my mind lately is my sister. I am soaking up time with her as much as I can. Cuddles and “jogging” would have to be our happiest times. This precious child came into our home when many things were falling apart. She is bratty handful who makes all of us go lunatic. I can’t speak behalf on the rest of my family but I am assuming their feelings toward her are very much like mine. Here are some of my favorite things she does that melt my heart.

  • When she eats French fries, she slowly chews and savors every bite
  • Whenever a couple kisses she makes a heart with her hands and says “AWWW LOVE”
  • Adele is her favorite artist and she has no problem jamming out at the top of her lungs
  • She has a variety of dance moves like no other
  • Random kisses are her go-to when she craves attention
  • Hugging strangers is no issue at all
  • She learned a little sign language during her early toddler years and whenever she is frustrated she signs random words with an attitude.

Grateful toward my Heavenly Father for sending me this human as a sister. I am grateful for her Down Syndrome which isn’t what defines her but what makes part of her soul. She is my little piece of heaven.







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