Mondays Suck

I’m not sure about all of you; I’ve had a rough time transitioning into the New Year my first few days. I finished the last weeks of 2015 with an abundant of memories with loved ones, food galore, late nights, and overtime hours at work. My biggest desire is to escape to a beach on the other side of the world and lay in the sun.

Although it has gotten much better, Mondays are what to seem to be my enemy. For those of you who know me, I am a very active individual; I am human as well have my slummy days. This year is going to full of many changes for myself. My goal or resolution is to not let new beginnings alter my motivating personality.

My fiancé inspired this blog post. One of the many reasons why I am attracted to him is due to his goal-oriented mindset. I am glad I have someone who can keep up with me and even passes me on occasion.

I work your average five days a week, eight hours a day desk job. I am on the phone all day with clients and have to assist them or fix their issues. I also have to get up at 4am every workday. Last week I found myself complaining about my job alongside with my co-workers. This morning I woke up feeling oddly positive and I realized something. Mondays suck because WE make them suck! I put together a list of ways that help me personally stay motivated with all of my small and big goals.

  • BE NEAT, walking into a welcoming atmosphere is where it starts for me


  • STAY GRATEFUL, writing thank you notes/texts are the best way to stay in touch and show love to amazing humans


  • HAVE A LIFE PLAYLIST, who doesn’t love music? My favorite thing in the whole wide world is jamming out to my 80’s playlist with my sister


  • BABY STEPS, whether you have a planner or not, writing out daily tasks to be completed is much more successful than planning out the whole week


  • HAVE A BUBBLE, designating yourself 2 or 3 places you can escape to can be relieving when you have weaker moments. Gym, kitchen, and my favorite… my desk are mine!20160111_153258

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