100 days

100 days until I marry for time and eternity. For those of you who are having trouble keeping up with my life, it’s very okay. I have trouble with catching up myself. I’ve had many sweet congratulations from loved ones and I could not be more grateful for the support. I have also received fraudulent compliments. I don’t blame people for thinking my decision to marry at this age to be ridiculous. This is the 21st century and I guess there’s a rule about “having your life together” before one makes this commitment. I don’t say this with sarcasm for I personally think this is the most meaningful decision one can make throughout their life. I stand by the beautiful life mission of marriage and could not be more thrilled to experience growth with my companion by my side through the bad, the good, and the best.


“It means that the marriage relationship is not to be frivolously discarded at the first sign of disagreement or when times get hard. It signifies that love will grow stronger with time and that it extends beyond the grave. It means that each partner will be blessed with the company of the other partner forever and that problems and differences might as well be resolved because they are not going to go away. Eternal signifies repentance, forgiveness, long-suffering, patience, hope, charity, love, and humility. All of these things are involved in anything that is eternal, and surely we must learn and practice them if we intend to claim an eternal marriage.”



I don’t feel comfortable sharing every detail of our story for it is a very personal experience that I will forever cherish. I will say I met this handsome fellow when I was fifteen years old and boy was I captivated by his presence. Throughout these years before we dated I fell in love the manner he treated others. I am a very affectionate individual and those who aren’t afraid to embrace and show love are my favorite kinds of humans. With Miguel being my brother’s best friend I was able to observe him closely and his habits. He is a very driven person who doesn’t stop dreaming. I’m not very sure what our souls are made out of but I’m pretty sure its the same thing.




One Reply to “100 days”

  1. Que bellos y que lindos blog. Les deseo mucha felicidad . Es hermoso este tiempo que estan viviendo y todos los sentimientos que tienen ahora. Atesorenlos y recuerdenlos siempre. En especial cuando tengan tiempos de prueba. Un beso a los 2.


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