5 things I have learned During My 730 Days of Marriage

Happy anniversary to ussssss! These past two years have been full of constant change and laughter. I have definitely learned the real meaning of adulting and being thrown out into the world. I decided to share 5 things I have learned during my 730 days of marriage. By no means is my relationship perfect but I do have to say it is pure joyous. I’m sure this advice will change after being married 10 or 50 years but through my personal trial and error so far, I would have to say this is what I feel most comfortable sharing.

  1. Never stop spoiling each other- Whether it’s giving your significant other a 10-minute massage or buying them concert tickets we all deserve to be pampered. Life gets into such a routine with your spouse so step back and show your appreciation.
  2. Change is not bad- Your plans and ambitions will change and that is fine. Just make sure both of you are supporting each other and always be working towards something in life.
  3. Friends are important-I firmly believe your spouse should be your priority but that does not mean friends should not exist anymore. It is healthy to have other relationships and a tribe of loving individuals to rely on. Maybe I’m a monster but I do not want to be with my husband 24/7.
  4. Be stubborn about your goals- Unfortunate events and hardships will come, that does not mean to give up. Goals take time and sometimes money to be accomplished so know whatever you’re going through will pass. Keep your eye on the prize no matter how long it takes.
  5. You are on your own timeline-it is so easy to compare yourself to other couples around you. Buying a house does not have to be at a specific age and try having kids when both of you are ready no matter how early or late it is.



Thank you for choosing my every day mi Rey ❤


Weekend in NYC 2k17

I’ve been so boring lately that I’m posting a video from the summer in December, so sorry. I will say I have been working on a very personal goal that is taking a long time. I’m usually open about most things but this project in particular is very special to me and I won’t be mentioning anything until it’s ready. I cannot wait!!




Yellowstone & Friends 

I’ve been making it a goal to blog more often and treat it as a diary. Sometimes I feel like I have to experience a life-changing event or travel to far away destinations to write about. The whole point of having MY blog is getting to write about what and when I want. 

We had a couple friends come up for the weekend and it’s crazy how simple fun can be. I have major anxiety and I love socializing but I tend to over think it sometimes. I get worked up if my guests are comfortable or if they’re having a good time (which can lead to a sucky experience). Learning to not take life so seriously is definitely a learning process. Enjoy the short video and pics! 

Click here for video! 

Minimalist bedroom 

Creating a home is a life-long project that is so important to me. It involves the whole family and many tasks. In this instance I’m talking about decorating our bedroom. We rest in the room, study at times, watch movies, and other activities (obviously). I wanted a hygge and bright atmosphere without any clutter. As many of you know, we move frequently due to school and my husband’s job so we always aim to own the least possible. The minimalist lifestyle has been blessing our lives immensely. 

“Putting it bluntly, most people are too busy to live simply. They are overcommitted, overworked, and over entertained by passive activities. Living simply requires devotion to the task, and if you don’t put in the hours to transform your life into something more meaningful and holistic with your life’s purpose, it will never happen. Simple living doesn’t happen automatically.” -Tsh Oxenreider


It has been the most difficult summer of my life. There has been so much internal struggles occurring. I have disconnected from amazing humans, I have treated my body unfair, and not been serving others. Summertime is normally my preferred time of year. I live for scorching hot days and extended free time. Miguel and I are finishing our second round in New York with summer sales. We have been blessed with work, friends, growth, and could not be more grateful. For months I have been thinking that there seriously must be something wrong with me. I looked at my life and thought, I have a job that allows me to travel, I have the opportunity to continue my education, have the biggest supporter as a spouse, and also have a myriad of friends and family who care; there should be NO reason why I feel so low on the daily. Miguel and I have centered these past few weeks on our family’s purposes. We have a list of small and large goals we hope to accomplish and they all bring us happiness. He showed me a short video that has changed my life, “Alan Watts, What If Money Were No Object?” (watch video here). This sounds so cheesy but I ask myself everyday, “What do I desire?”. I know I am young and I shouldn’t get caught up in age but one of my biggest fears is waking up in 20-30 years and realizing I spent my younger years not creating my empire. By empire I do not mean fat stacks of money and a long list of places traveled. I mean what genuinely makes me happy as a unique individual. When I was in high school I would google “Jobs that make the most money” or “how much does (insert job) make”. It seems so ridiculous I based off what I was going to do the rest of my life on money. I promise there are great things coming from me. Here is to re-branding myself and building my empire, XO.

West to East 2.0

Our second cross country road trip was spot on. We went with super awesome friends which made it ten times better. The States we drove through included Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York. My husband was proud of me because I didn’t take 3 naps everyday in the road haha. Our highlights would definitely be The World’s largest hot springs, Liberty Jail LDS Visitor’s Center, Donutology in Kansas City, and Hershey Amusement park. Although in all honestly, nothing beats simply getting to be with the love of my life for 30 plus hours while admiring God’s creations. As I look back on this trip I think of the stomach pains from endless laughter we had with Dani and Aaron and all the sugary goodness that was included. I love my humans soooo much ❤️


Double Twist Crown

This tutorial was inspired by by bangs. I’m in the awkward growing out my bangs phase. I have never felt confident with hairstyles during the process of growing them out. I usually just pin them up and wear the same two hairstyles. I’m also giving my hair a break from heat so my hair has not been very fabulous lately. Whenever the weather warms up my creativity enhances, especially when it comes to beauty and style. CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL. Enjoy!!

Asian Spring Salad

My favorite thing about this recipe is the simplicity. There is no way someone can butcher the steps! The Orange Sauce that is incorporated as a dressing has a lot of flavor. One of my goals for the summer is to get creative with salads and make new recipes. Just mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. It makes around 4 servings. 
1/2 a cabbage head

1 cucumber chopped 

1 cup of shredded carrots 

1/2 cup of peanuts 

1 cup of diced grilled chicken 

Panda Express Orange Sauce

One Year of Marriage 

I cannot believe it’s been a whole year since my wedding day. It’s been a journey getting to know my best friend better each day. On our wedding day many small details went wrong (like in every event) but it was the best day of our lives. This sounds bad but I didn’t have high expectations for my reception. I imagined myself being stressed all day. It was not like that at all. Our biggest desire was to dance the night away. That’s exactly what we did. Miguel and I did not leave the dance floor from 8pm-12am. When planning a wedding don’t forget to make time for yourself. 

Shortly after we got married we headed off to New York for the summer for our jobs. Since September we have been living in Idaho and will head out back east next month.  I highly recommend to newly weds, move away from family. This is coming from a couple who adores their siblings and parents. The reason I say this is it gives you space to grow and to become emotionally dependent on each other. I hate not being able to be close to family but residing in a different state reminds me of my goals and the importance of my relationship with my husband. 

The highlights of my first year of marriage includes getting to road trip cross country with him. I grew to love him so much on that trip. He drove 90% of the time while I slept a lotttttt. I will never forget the overwhelming fear that entered our souls once we arrived to New York. We later discovered we were both putting on fake happy faces to comfort each other but our mutual feeling was “what did we do….”. Going out to New York for the summer was a life lesson for me. If it doesn’t scare us, it will not make us grow. I also enjoyed exploring the city. We were about an hour away so we were there very often. The first night we got to meet Drake at a private party. That story is long and I will spare you the details. Skydiving in the Hamptons is an experience that still makes my heart race whenever I think about it. If you’ve ever thought about skydiving, DO IT! Earlier this year we were blessed to attend a cruise with our company. The only other foreign country we have been in is Mexico so getting to go to Belize was amazing. Cave tubing in the forest of Belize with friends was memorable. 

I often think about the future, I can’t wait until we graduate, I can’t wait until we’re closer to family, I can’t wait until we have grandchildren. This thinking makes forget about the wonderful years I’m experiencing. One day I’ll be reminiscing about the days when were broke college students living simply and happy. I am grateful for not my temporal but eternal marriage with my lover. The sacred covenants I made with my Heavenly Father and Miguel on March 19th, 2016 is something I do not take lightly and work hard every day to make sure I am doing my part. Hooray for love  and marriage!!!!❤️


I absloultey adore my life but work and school can get so repetitive. I crave constant change in my life. Making music videos is the perfect outlet for me to get away from responsibilities and have fun. Spring is slowly but surely arriving in Idaho and I couldn’t be more thrilled! I was able to snap a few shots of Katia with patches of snow. Hope you guys enjoy this video! CLICK HERE FOR FULL VIDEOShouties to my model: Katia Regalado